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70's 80's AND MORE

W*I*F*I Radio will be your "NEW FAVORITE RADIO STATION" with something for everyone. Join us every Monday, Friday and Saturday Evening from 5:00 to 9:00 PM EASTERN TIME We play your requests along with 70's 80's and more, and it is always COMMERCIAL FREE and in your ear!

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Broadcast Started 5 days ago
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Title: WIFI Radio
Description: Classic Hits 70s 80s and more
Genre: ROCK
Website: https://www.wifiradio.caster.fm
Bitrate: 96

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WIFI Radio features commercial free music with the DJ style of Duane (Dr. C) Cole from Michigan USA Planet Earth where music rules the entire world since you're already sitting on the internet sit there and listen to W - I - F - I Radio! and let us put something good in your ear!

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Where words fail, music speaks, Music is what feelings sound like. W I F I Radio speaks volumes and just feels right.

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